Welcome to Unique Accessories for Insulin Pumpers. Our Company was established in 1988 by actual pump users.

We All wear the Insulin Pump ourselves and have always tried to come up with fun, innovative products that work for everyone.

Our motto is "If you can wear it comfortably and privately, you will wear it successfully forever.  

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Check out our Newest Product  ClipnStow

Holds ALL pumps with or without skins.

 Allows you to view pump screen and Bolus at all times.


Price: $34.95

We have designed a new case similar to our ClipnGo. The ClipnStow has a vinyl window for viewing pump info and bolusing.


Wear the ClipnStow either way. Just flip back and forth. Clips Vertical to an attire.

Medtronic 670G shown above

ClipnStowfits ALL PUMPS

 Animas Ping with purple skin shown above


Made of a soft Leatherette, cleans up with a damp cloth. We have positioned the case so your pump hangs a certain way for easy viewing.

The ClipnStow is designed with enough room to run your tubing back inside the case so tubing stays secure and exits out by clip.



The ClipnStow hangs vertically and attaches to ANY attire. It's like nothing else out there. Your going to LOVE IT!

ClipnStow Available in 11 Colors 

Neon Green now available and Summer Pink